This installation cost Guide website was created to give consumers comprehensive price guidelines to assist them in planning to complete their home renovation project. In analyzing the prices that experts charge and homeowners’ costs to have their homes renovated, we can provide you with the best estimation for the next job. Researching and planning correctly will allow you to maximize the value of your budget!

The founder of Install Cost Guides is a seasoned expert with more than 30 years of experience helping customers with their projects for home improvement and repairs and an extensive experience in the HVAC and cooling industry. His team has an abundance of knowledge to provide to homeowners like you.

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When you look around the installation cost guide website, you’ll find that we have a variety of data areas. The details include:


In the installation price guide section on our website, you’ll discover helpful, professional, and consumer-driven cost guides that can aid you in understanding the specifics of home renovation projects. Some of the items that you will see in price guides are:

  • General pricing details, with the low-high range
  • DIY Tools and Supplies List
  • Tips for cutting down on costs of installation
  • Additional guides from professionals online
  • Factors that can affect the installation cost
  • Things included in a price estimate by an experienced professional