Home Depot Closet Installation Cost Guide

Home Depot Closet Installation Cost – Customized storage systems will make organizing your home a breeze.

We can help you organize your areas inside your home like bedrooms, closets, kitchens, pantry spaces, home offices and even storage spaces outside, such as your garage.

This guide will provide the closet and storage space cost for your home. If you have a large walk-in or smaller space, a customized closet is an ideal solution.

Because custom closets are designed to suit your space and storage requirements, the costs for installing a custom closet can differ greatly.

Home Depot Closet Installation Cost Guide

Average Cost To Install Custom Closets: $1,200-$20,000, Including All Materials and Labor.

Wall-Mount Styles

Home Depot Closet Installation Cost Guide

Floor-Mount Styles

Home Depot Closet Installation Cost Guide

What are the Factors That Impact Your Custom Closet Cost?

A well-designed custom closet must be based on your personal space and home requirements. Additional factors could affect the total price of your custom closet installation.

  • The size of your space: A larger closet is usually more expensive to furnish, but there could be exceptions if you like a minimalist style. Closets with smaller sizes may require additional storage accessories to make them functional.
  • Clothes mount style: Wall mount styles are more affordable than floor-mounted styles.
  • Finish and color options: Upgraded finishes and colors can make a difference to the look of your closet and might be worth the cost to complement the fixtures you have in your home.
  • Door and drawer styles: Flat panel, beadboard, eased edge shaker raised, and molded drawers and doors have different prices.
  • Closet product: The shelves, racks, and rods are essential in many closets. The style and size you select will affect the total cost of your closet remodel.

Custom Closet Add-Ons & Accessories

The design of your closet will be crafted to meet your specific spatial requirements and style preferences. Accessories and add-ons can assist you in enhancing your closet. Here are a few commonly used accessories and add-ons. These options will increase the total price of your customized closet design.

Storage Racks, Trays & Baskets

Racks for belts, ties, pants and shoes allow you to tailor your closet to suit your needs. Baskets for jewelry and trays with liners can also help keep your closet organized. Hook boards are also useful for storing belts, bags, and tie clips.

Rods & Hooks

Valet rods, pull-down rods, and coat and robe hooks make keeping your go-to clothes and home essentials simple.


Available in pull-out or built-in designs, a mirror will help you look the best and speed up the dressing process.

Shelf Dividers

It is useful for folding clothes, linens and more; shelf separators help keep your closet tidy all week.

Functional Details

Dovetail drawers and soft/slow-close doors and drawers can be added to custom-made, high-end closet designs.

Decorative Detailing

Trim, trim for the base, and no-drill panels are great ways to create a custom closet with an artistic and modern look.

Garage Storage installation options:

Many of the closets and storage solutions we provide to your home can also be ideal for your garage. Additional garage add-ons and organization accessories will make the garage storage space or workspace more productive. Here are some of the most common garage storage solutions:


Freestanding, wall-mounted and overhead cabinets may all be used to store essential items according to your garage’s design. Shelving units are an excellent addition to cabinets.

Work Essentials

Worktops and workbenches could be integrated into your storage space. This can create a space to build projects, home repairs, and automobile work.

Pegboard, Slatwalls & Storage Panels

Make small and tool storage easier with pegboards and wall-mounted storage panels.

Hooks, Baskets, Bins & Racks

Storage for small items and flexible storage options for garages are constantly changing with bins, hooks, baskets and racks. The silver track is also a possibility to be added during the installation.

Additional Custom Storage Options

Your garage and your closet are important storage areas. Our storage solutions tailored to your needs will also help you organize throughout your home.

Entry Areas & Mudrooms

Get rid of bags, backpacks, and boots on the floor. Make these messy areas shape by making your storage more efficient.

Utility Spaces

Bring form and function together by creating custom storage solutions for your laundry room, pantry, or closet. We have a variety of solutions to meet the needs of every space you need.

Entertainment & Library Areas

You can easily store media and relax with your favorite music, books, and TV in a neat space. Bar areas can be outfitted with storage options as well as wine racks are offered.

Home Offices & Work Areas

Get work done with a neat home office or workspace fit for all kinds of tasks.

Playrooms & Kids Spaces

Keep your clothing, toys, and toys neat with the latest storage solutions for your nursery or playroom.

Why Choose The Home Depot?

Custom closets and storage solutions require professional attention to ensure form and function in one bundle. Pick The Home Depot for your customized closet and home storage needs.

  • We can assist you with any project, from installing a bedroom closet or garage storage. Our team can design an entire home solution for you.
  • Home Depot Home Depot offers credit and financing options, so you can organize your home today and then pay it off in installments over time.
  • We provide free in-home and virtual consultations to help you build the perfect storage solution for your home.
  • Only licensed, local certified, bonded, and badged contractors are allowed into your home.

Need Help? Please call us at1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)

Official Website: www.homedepot.com

FAQs – Home Depot Closet Installation Cost

How much does custom storage installation cost?

Since custom closets and storage solutions are custom-designed to suit your house and requirements, the price of your design can differ dramatically. The cost is determined by the wall mount style, square footage, add-ons and accessories, and other factors.

What is a free virtual consultation like?

In a no-cost consult via virtual, a design expert at The Home Depot will meet with you online via video conference. They’ll demonstrate the various products, assist you in visualizing different options for your home by using an online 3D design tool and provide a cost estimate. You’ll get the opportunity to measure your measurements, or we’ll help you make arrangements for professional measurements of your home.

A virtual consultation usually lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. For preparation for your appointment, you’ll receive a welcome email with directions to take and submit measurements, as well as downloading or logging onto the videoconferencing platform that will be utilized during your appointment.

Can you help me design a new walk-in closet?

Absolutely! With custom-designed shelves with drawers, doors and drawers, as well as areas to hang clothes and organize purses and shoes, There are hundreds of designs to design your ideal closet space. With the help of The Home Depot, you can create and construct the closet system of your choice easily and quickly.

What is a free in-home consultation like?

In a no-cost in-home consultation, A design expert of The Home Depot will come to your residence to discuss your ideas take professional measurements and offer a quote. They’ll demonstrate the various products and help you visualize different possibilities for your home by using the 3D design software. An in-home consultation can last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.

For preparation, please ensure that your area(s) is free of clutter and accessible to us so that we can make accurate measurements. Ensure that your pets are removed before your design consultant comes.

How can custom storage help me?

Custom closet storage solutions will ease your burden by clearing clutter and freeing up living space. A distinctive, functional, custom storage design will give you the space to display your belongings and a simpler means of finding the items.

What if I have shelving that needs to be removed?

Most of the time, the installer will remove the shelving in place and repair the holes that result before installing your new closet. There might be an additional cost, but some cosmetic touches may not be included.

Do you build custom shelves anywhere other than closets?

We can build customized storage and organization solutions in every space you require for them, including the home office, laundry rooms, and pantries. With top-quality shelving and systems for organization to reduce clutter in your office. Organize your kitchen laundry space and discover items faster than ever in your kitchen pantry.

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