Home Depot Pergola Installation Cost Guide

Home Depot Pergola Installation Cost – Custom pergolas are a fantastic method to add style and utility to your outdoor living space and are usually found over and around decks, patios or swimming pools.

Customized features such as trellises, built-in seating, outdoor lighting, and retractable roofs provide ease and comfort to outdoor living spaces.

The cost of custom pergola installation is determined by the type of customizations you want, the dimensions, materials options for installation and more.

Average Cost of Home Depot Pergola Installation

Includes all labor and materials needed to build a custom pergola

Custom Wood Pergola $5,800

The price of an outdoor pergola made of wood is $5,800 for the average size pergola. It measures 12 feet by 16 feet.

Custom Wooden Pavilion $8,200

The typical cost to have a custom-built wooden pavilion is $8,200. The difference in cost between a pergola made of wood and a wooden pavilion is due to the differences in the roof’s structure and the number of materials required.

Pergolas generally feature flat, open roofs. Pavilions usually feature a hip roof or solid gabled roofs made of metal or shingles, which take longer and require more materials to construct.

What are the Features That Affect Home Depot Pergola Installation Cost?

The more customizations you can add or any specific installation requirements, the higher the price associated with pergola installations.


Installation costs can be more expensive by the ground conditions in your area. For instance, special anchors are required on hard or rocky terrain and may be an additional cost.


Home Depot installs pergolas from brands like Lawn Master, TEMO and Southern Outback Structures. The cost of your pergola will vary based on the brand you pick.

Roof Style:

Different roof types take longer time and more materials to put in. Hip or gable roofs usually found on pavilions are a higher cost when in comparison to pergolas with an open roof.


The more extensive the pergola or pavilion, the more costly due to the material and construction time required to construct it.


Adding a foundation to a pergola or pavilion is an additional cost.

Trellis or Built-In Seating

The possibility of customizing features like walls, trellises, or built-in seating can increase the price of pergola construction.


You might have to pay to get a building permit from your local city, county or homeowners’ association to ensure compliance with local regulations before your pergola is put up. Contact local permit offices before starting your pergola project.

Wood Type

Different types of wood can impact the price of your pavilion or pergola.

  • Western red cedar and redwoods are the most suitable woods for outdoor structures and cost the highest. Both are durable, structural insect resistant, decay resistant, rated for ground contact, and easy to use.
  • Douglas fir is a bit more expensive. However, it isn’t certified for ground contact; therefore, this type of wood’s design options are restricted.
  • Imported cedar is extremely cheap. However, it isn’t normally made from genuine cedar and isn’t non-degradable or ground-contact-rated.


The pergola or pavilion you choose to build must be stained and sealed, which will increase the price. Pre-stained structures are an additional cost upfront, but it can save your time and effort from the hassle of doing it yourself or the cost of hiring someone to apply the stain once it has been constructed.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring to power fans, lights and other equipment inside your pergola is an extra cost.

Why Choose The Home Depot?

The Home Depot delivers outstanding installation services with high-end designs and products.

We collaborate with licensed, local, insured professionals who undergo rigorous check-ups and background screening and have been completely verified.

So, you can rest assured of our ability to change the look of your kitchen while also treating your home with love and respect.

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FAQs – Home Depot Pergola Installation Cost

How much does pergola installation cost?

The average cost of installing a custom wood pergola is $5,800 for all labor and materials.

What is a pergola?

The pergola can be described as an outside structure made of metal, wood or any other material with columns that support the roofing grid, which provides shade and some protection for outdoor living space.

Most often, pergolas are added as extensions to existing homes; pergolas can be fantastic additions to style to an outdoor patio, deck or porch.

What are the main differences between sunrooms and pergolas?

Although sunrooms are an extension of your home, they can’t offer outdoor living space like pergolas.

Sunrooms offer greater security from elements than a normal home and are closely integrated into the design of your house.

Pergolas can be in conjunction with your home or are freestanding in your yard and free to the outdoors.

Pergolas typically have striking architectural designs that make stunning and distinct outdoor seating areas. In the end, pergolas will cost less than installing an outdoor sunroom.

How will a pergola accentuate my home?

Pergolas provide a light warm, and welcoming ambiance in your residence. The pergola can add living space to your house outdoors and help you avoid direct heat.

A pergola can be connected directly to the home to create beautiful outdoor spaces or as an attractive complement to an existing pool.

Do I need to obtain any building permits?

You may require approval to build an arbor based on your area. If you require a permit from your local municipality, your Home Depot installation professional can obtain the permit and conduct any inspections.

Do I need to be present during installation?

Anyone over 18 who can decide on the future of the home’s exterior should be present at the beginning of the pergola construction process to go over the sphere with the installation team.

It is equally important to be present during the final installation to review a thorough list with your contractor and the maintenance requirements for your new pergola.

What’s included in the estimate?

A full estimate will be given during your complimentary consultation in your home. The price we quote includes all the costs of materials and labor to construct pergolas and any permit costs.

What brands of pergola do you install?

Our local service providers install quality pergolas by Lawn Master, TEMO and Southern Outback Structures.

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