Home Depot Garage Door Installation Cost Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Install Garage Doors and Openers? – A damaged or outdated garage door can have a negative impact on the appearance of a house.

The best home improvement project is the one that offers the highest return on investment.

This includes replacing or repairing your garage doors and openers. The Home Depot has created this cost-saving garage door installation and repair guide.

Home Depot Garage Door Installation Cost

Home Depot Garage Door Installation vs. Repair Costs

New Garage Door and Opener Installation Costs

Garage door installation costs can be affected by many factors, such as labor cost, door opener type and a number of garage doors. Insulation can increase the garage door’s cost.

1 door: $1,800
2 doors: $3,600
3 doors: $5,400



$2,725 – $6,325

Garage Door and Opener Repair Costs

You can repair your garage doors or openers if your budget is insufficient.

  • Labor: $129
  • Door repairs: $49 – $499
  • Opener repairs: $49 – $299

Breakdown of Garage Door Installation Costs

Garage Door Material Steel: $1,868
Composite: $4,680
Glass: $7,640
Wood: $5,100
Garage Door Windows Clear Glass: $300
Specialty Glass: $500
Garage Door Accessories Garage Door Handles: $100 each
Additional Accents: $250
Garage Door Opener Opener: $128 – $390
Installation: $97

A garage door opener is required for many homeowners who choose an automatic garage door. These usually offer wireless operating capabilities and smartphone connectivity.

Breakdown of Garage Door Repair Costs

Garage door and opener repair costs depend on the scope of the damage and which parts are being fixed.

Here’s a breakdown of the average costs for repairing different parts of a garage door.

  • Springs: $250- $500
  • Roller: $129- $258 per door
  • Sensor: $99- $198
  • Glass windows: $229- $458
  • Track: $200- $400
  • Cables: $99- $198

Garage door opener parts will cost you around $149. If the opener must be replaced, prices will be the same as for the new.

Why Choose The Home Depot?

Homeowners get various benefits when they hire professional garage door repairs or installation technicians from The Home Depot.

Home Depot allows you to design your garage door online and view your finished design from a mobile device.

We offer the best warranties for labor and materials. In select areas, we also offer free delivery and haul away.

Vinyl perimeter sealing is also available. Please visit our garage door insulation project guide for additional information regarding insulating your garage door door.

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