Dog Grooming Cost in 2023 – How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

It is possible for a standard grooming session that includes the bath, blow-dry, cutting of nails, ear cleansing, and usually anal gland release (releasing excess fluid by the external force). The average cost is between $30 and $90, depending on various factors.

The main factor that affects the price is the size of your dog and length as well as the thickness of its coat, says Susan Sholar, president of the American Professional Pet Groomers Association.

It all depends on how long it will take to groom your dog. The greater the fur is longer, there’s more to do. Other factors that increase costs include:

Dog Grooming Prices By Breed

Breed-Specific Patterns

Poodles, schnauzers, terriers, and many other breeds have haircuts that give them a distinct style. Requesting a specific haircut instead of the general trim could increase the cost.


The price of grooming dogs differs based on your region in the United States. Certain areas are more expensive than others.

Matted Hair

It’s beneficial to regularly groom your dog at home, as it prevents mats from developing. This should be something other than a cost-plus.

If your dog only is sporting one or two mats, however, if they have a number of knots, there will be an extra fee, says Sholar.

Dog Grooming Prices List

There are three different methods to cost grooming your dog. If you opt to bring your pet to a local groomer, you should expect to pay between $40 to $75, depending on the dog’s size. A mobile groomer will visit you for an average price of $85 for a typical size dog. Additionally, you can groom your pet at a self-service salon for $11 to $23.

Dog Grooming Price List Average Cost
Full Service (small dogs) $40
Full Service (large dogs) $75
Nail trim + buffing $15
Nail trim $10
Teeth brushing $10
Breath Refresh $10
Ear cleaning $10
Gland expression $10
Face, feet and fanny trim $15
Flea & tick treatment $15
Blueberry facial $5
Paw balm $5
Nail Polish $7
Dog Grooming Prices By Breed

Dog Grooming Prices By Breed

Here are the average dog grooming prices based on the breed of dog:

Dog Breeds Average Cost
Pomeranian, Maltese, Pug, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire, Mini-Dachshund $40
Wire Hair Terrier, Toy Poodle, Schnauzer, Corgi, Dachshund $50
Scottish Terrier, Mini Doodle, Miniature Poodle, Westie, Mini Aussie $55
Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Wheaten Terrier, American Eskimo $60
Lab Retriever, Flat Coat Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Springer Spaniel $70
Old English Sheepdog, Standard Poodle, German Shepherd, Chow, Husky, Doodle, Malamute $80
Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Portuguese Water Dog, Newfoundland $100+

Dog Grooming Prices By Weight

Here are the average dog grooming prices based on weight:

  • 0-14 lbs: $25
  • 15-25 lbs: $30
  • 25-35 lbs: $35
  • 35-50 lbs: $40
  • 50-60 lbs: $45
  • 60-70 lbs: $50
  • 70-80 lbs: $55
  • 80-90 lbs: $65
  • 95 lbs and up: $70+

Mobile Dog Grooming Prices

A groomer who comes to your home could be the ideal solution for anxious pets. If you own more than one pet, the prices could be considerably cheaper for the third and fourth pet.

The Trina’s Precision Pet Styling, Scottsdale, AZ offers (for pets under 20lbs) an entire service, including ears and nails, as well as anal glands shampoo, blow-dry, and scissor finish cost 75 dollars. Included is a drive time in the 20-mile radius of Thompson Peak/Scottsdale.

Pampering Poochie, a grooming boutique located in Bedford, TX, comes to your residence and provides complete pampering grooming, including the option of deep cleaning your teeth and nail painting. Prices range from $35 to $75, dependent on the coat’s breed and condition.

Mobile Dog Grooming Prices

Self-Service Dog Grooming Cost

You can wash your dog without having to clog your kitchen sink or flooding your kitchen! Utilize all equipment and cleaning products at just 30 percent of the cost of having other people help you.

The salon for grooming dogs is equipped with staff to assist you with cleaning tools and dog-calming methods to do things like nail clipping.

Bark and Bathe, located in Minneapolis, MN, provides towels, aprons, brushes, and dryers. The cost is $11 for the privilege of washing your dog’s small size, $17 for medium dogs, and $23 for large dogs.

Reservations are not required for the final wash. However, the washing must be completed at least one hour before closing.

Local Dog Grooming Cost

Grooming salons typically provide an affordable package that includes a bath, manicured nails, and clean ears. Here are some typical prices for grooming dogs from across the nation:

  • 4 grooming, located in Glendale, CA, offers a full grooming session at $60 for haircuts, a bath, anal gland expression de-styling, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning.
  • Donna’s Soggy Doggy Pet Salon, located in Dallas, TX, includes the dog’s expression anal glands as well as a spray of cologne. It also includes the additional options of a special shampoo and nail filing. Also, it includes deshedding, dematting, as well as tooth cleaning. The prices for the base package include small to medium-sized canines, $40-$45 for Medium and large breeds. $45-$65 Large to large dogs and up. And above.
  • Petgo Pet Mobile, Bellevue, WA, has a spa package consisting of bath brushes, fluff dryer expression of the anal glands, and nail clipping for between $40 and $55 for a dog less than 20lbs. The prices increase from there.

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost in the US?

In terms of the total cost, various aspects play an important role. However, most crucially, how big your dog’s body will play a role. For instance, a small dog such as Shih Tzu is less costly than a Standard Poodle. The texture of the coat is important.

Are you preparing your dog for an appearance or simply giving them regular treatment? The amount of effort your dog has to do is much. The groomer will be working hard to ensure that your pet is glammed up and looking stunning.

Dog Grooming Prices By Breed

How Much is Grooming at Petco?

Petco is another major source of pet supplies. They have trained and licensed grooming experts to assist in beautifying your pet.

Petco grooming costs can differ between 40 to $80plus.

How Much is Grooming at Pet Salons?

If you are looking for privately-owned pet salons, the price can be quite cheap or costly due to the large variety of options in this category. It is typically $30-$90 for routine grooming services.

The services offered at privately-owned pet salons may often change dramatically. This means that you can choose from various options for your pet.

How Much is Grooming at PetSmart?

PetSmart is a reputable company for many pet owners. Apart from feeding and adopting pets, PetSmart also helps with grooming requirements that are affordable to most.

PetSmart prices for grooming services can range between 30 to $80plus.

Final Thoughts on the Dog Grooming Cost

If you look at the grooming establishments that offer services within your local area, You can determine the standard in your area. You will know what you can expect shortly, so you can make savings or spend on your own. If your dog needs extra attention, You can include some extra services.

It doesn’t matter if you put it under the care of a professional or opt for an automated service pet groomer; your pet will look sexy when the day gets long after the job is done.

FAQs – Dog Grooming Cost

What is dog grooming?

If you want to be sure that your dog is in good condition or you’re preparing for pictures with your family, A grooming salon for dogs will take care of everything. From baths to grooming to even painting your dog’s nails, you’ll pay around $40 for a complete grooming package (for the smallest dog). Salons for grooming typically offer the basic package comprising a bath, cut nails, and clean ears. Salons for grooming dogs provide particular attention to older dogs that may require regular breaks from the toilet or take a break between visits.

What’s included in pet grooming?

It all depends on the kind of dog you own and their specific needs. Some breeds might not have the fur that requires being cut, but others may require the most specific cut, particularly those who compete at a dog show. However, any complete dog grooming service will likely comprise the following items:

  • Bath (typically with anti-flea and anti-tick shampoo)
  • Nail trimming
  • Teeth brushing
  • Haircut (if needed)
  • Anal gland expression
  • Brushing
  • Eye and ear cleaning

Certain tasks can be difficult to carry out with your dog’s breed and temperament. This is especially the case when your dog has curly, thick fur that can be prone to the mat.

Suppose you have an anxious pet that won’t stay still enough to allow you to trim its nails safely. In these instances, it’s more secure and comfortable (for both of you) to have these tasks performed by a professional groomer.

Alongside performing all the above tasks, groomers can also assist in identifying possible issues affecting your dog’s eyes, mouth, ears, and skin, which you might need to be used to searching for. This includes checking for parasites, ticks, skin infections, and gum disease.

How Often Should You Have Your Dog Groomed?

The grooming time depends on the breed of the dog you are grooming. The American Kennel Club dogs with thicker, longer coats could require grooming twice every month. According to the ASPCA, it is worth considering grooming dogs with lower maintenance at least every quarter.

You can go to the nail salon more often if you don’t get an entire grooming session. “You can come in for a nail clipping between grooming visits,” Sholar suggests. “That way, the nails don’t get outrageously long and make your dog uncomfortable.” If you can feel your dog’s nails click on the flooring, it’s time to give them trimming.

How to Calculate How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

When deciding how much you should pay a groomer for a pet, think about what you’d give your hairdresser. Tips are typically 15 to 20 percent of the total price. However, you can give more if the groomer was accommodating to your pet’s nippiness, specific medical needs, or giving you any favor.

Understanding the cost of grooming services and other things such as the cost of veterinary care and dog daycare, is crucial. It will help you decide how much you’ll need to budget to ensure that you offer your four-legged companion the highest quality of care.

Should You Tip a Dog Groomer?

If people inquire Sholar whether they should tip an animal groomer, her response is, “Do you tip your hairdresser? They’re just doing your head. But a groomer has to do the entire body on a dog, sometimes while the dog squirms or tries to bite.” You must show your groomers how much you value them by leaving a little tip.

My dog is nervous/aggressive. Can he/she still be groomed?

If your dog is scared easily or tends to be aggressive, you should talk to the groomer before making an appointment. Most groomers are accustomed to working with dogs of all breeds;

however, in the event of an extremely aggressive dog, they might decline the appointment because of safety issues. In certain situations, sedation for a highly aggressive dog may be an option. However, it’s best to talk to a veterinarian before considering the possibility.

If you’re concerned about having anxiety about your pet, then you might be interested in mobile grooming for your dog that allows the groomer to bathe and trim your pet at home. This method is generally more expensive. However, it could be beneficial if you have pets that aren’t willing to be separated from you.

How To Choose Your Dog Groomer

Find a National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC), as well as International Pet Groomers Inc (IPGI) certification. Even though it’s not necessary, it could give credibility to your groomer’s work.

Salons for grooming dogs provide special attention to older dogs that may require frequent breaks from the toilet or take a break between appointments. Aggressive dogs will have to be muzzled prior the grooming.

Certain salons will provide a bath to fleas. They often give time and attention to their community through bathing, grooming, or bathing dogs for photo shoots for adoption or police dogs.

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