How Much Does It Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware at Home Depot

Home Depot Cabinet Hardware Installation Cost: The hardware installation cost depends on many factors, including the condition of your cabinets, the type and nature of your project, and the location. On average, a simple task like installing cabinet pulls can cost $100-$300. More will be paid for projects requiring extensive preparation, repair, hinge installation, or large quantities of cabinets.

Home Depot Cabinet Hardware Installation Cost

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Cabinet Hardware Replacement & Installation

Cabinet hardware can greatly impact how a room looks, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or home office. You can update your cabinets with drawer pulls and handles or make a complete remodel.

It can be more complex than you think to install cabinet hardware. Measuring and drilling accurately to install knobs and handles correctly without damaging drawer fronts or cabinet doors is essential. You may need to patch or refinish old hardware if replacing it with new ones.

You can be sure that your cabinet hardware will look and function perfectly when you trust a professional to do the job. You can trust them with the right tools and knowledge to complete the job quickly and accurately so that you can enjoy the new look without any hassle.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware?

Installing new cabinet hardware is a choose-your-own-adventure situation. There are so many options available that finding the right price for your kitchen can be challenging. Prices for cabinet hardware can range from below $100 to $10.550. Many cabinet hardware projects are below $1,000

The final cost will depend on the material you choose (metal and stones are more expensive than other wood or plastic options) and customization. Your kitchen’s size and the cost of installation will also be necessary.

The price per unit of new knobs and handles will determine the overall cost for most projects. If each piece costs $1 or $2 you can redo your hardware for less than $50, even in large kitchens if you do it yourself. You’ll need to spend a minimum of a few thousand dollars for pieces that cost $100-200 each.

Although the price range can seem overwhelming at first glance, you can find cabinet hardware that fits any budget.

Which Cabinet Handles Can I Install on My Budget?

These price ranges will help you determine which knobs and handles are within your budget. It would help if you remembered that prices could be so varied that you will not know until you check out the hardware you want and determine how much it will cost to outfit your kitchen.

Under $500

Below $500 allows you to choose from ceramic, wooden, or plastic knobs and handles. Even if you only have a few cabinets, you may be able to upgrade your kitchen with bronze or iron hardware. Installing your kitchen cabinets can save money and make them look brand new.

From 500 to $2,000

Cabinet hardware options include glass, metal, stone and resin for standard-sized kitchens. Contractors usually charge per hour or according to the number of handles installed. It takes approximately three hours to complete an average job, including removal and installation. You can save labour costs by removing the old handles yourself, but hiring a handyperson might be a good option if it’s something you want to do.

From $2,000 to $5,000

These materials and some lower- and mid-end crystals are all suitable for this price range.


You will be amazed at how expensive new cabinet hardware can become. You can think about outfitting large kitchens with custom hardware or higher-end materials. This includes products made of bronze, iron or steel.

Once you reach the five-figure mark, customization is the way to go. You can consult a local kitchen remodeler to get the same space you desire.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware Yourself?

When installing cabinet hardware, average labor costs range between $130 to $275. This may seem low considering the cost of certain materials. However, even for high-end materials, the installation costs are relatively constant.

However, you may have to pay more for specific situations, such as:

  • Renovating an old kitchen is possible
  • You’re installing new cabinets simultaneously (or refacing old ones).
  • If you have a larger than average-sized kitchen
  • It can be difficult to remove old hardware due to the layout of your kitchen or space.

These cases are where DIY is a good idea.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware by Style?

Style doesn’t necessarily mean a higher price for cabinet hardware if you have a lower budget. However, novelty and ornate pulls can increase the price. Compare the benefits and cons of matching your home hardware with mix-and-match styles.


Some prefer square knobs and handles to oval or round for a different look. Material costs will still dominate these products. Depending upon the material, you can expect to pay $1-$200 per handle.


For those who want a unique look, novelty cabinet hardware is a great choice. It can include, but is not limited to, fun designs, unusual shapes and colours, unique textures, animal figures, and even animal-shaped designs. Depending on the material, these original items will cost you $10 to $200+.


Ornate cabinet handles come in intricate, sometimes elegant, designs and shapes. This category includes hardware made from natural stone, vintage brass, bronze, or even gold. As a guideline, 20 to $30 per piece. $500+ each for custom designs or rare creations


Manufacturers offer two options: oval and round pull knobs. You’ll find handle products made of all materials, including glass, wood, and metals. You can expect to pay $1 (ceramics, wood, and plastic) to 200 (bronze or copper, etc.).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cabinet hardware can be installed?

Common cabinet hardware installations include hinges, backplates, knobs, pulls, latches and drawer slides. Most come in a wide variety of styles from traditional to modern and finishes from chrome, brass and bronze to iron, nickel and steel.

How long will it take to install cabinet hardware?

Most cabinet hardware installations will be finished in a few hours or less. Larger scale projects, such as those that call for customizing screws or fitting hinges and pulls, could take a whole day.

Should I hire a pro for my cabinet hardware installation project?

Most cabinets do not come predrilled for handles and pulls. To install specific cabinet hardware, holes must be carefully drilled. This type of installation is difficult to do correctly and requires patience. It would help if you trusted an experienced professional to install your hardware correctly and without causing damage to your cabinets.


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