How Much Is Home Depot Appliance Installation?

Home Depot Appliance Installation Cost: Home Depot sells almost anything you’ll need for your home at affordable prices. However, the main benefit of shopping at Home Depot is that it’s very convenient and can store everything in one location, saving you time and effort searching for various items.

The range of appliances offered by Home Depot is considerable. You can even have your Home Depot appliance delivered and installed by experts like other services for installation that Home Depot offers, such as baseboards, backsplashes, blinds, and air conditioners.

How Much Is Home Depot Appliance Installation?

Home Depot appliance installation can be priced between $19.99 to $150. Delivery may cost as little as $59. You will need to purchase a set-up kit required for appliance installations which could cost between $15-$100. Installation and delivery of appliances are included in the appliance costs greater than $396.

Type Of Appliance Installation Kit Installation Cost
Gas Range $33.99 $19.99
Electric Range $32.85 FREE
Fridge $17.28 FREE
Over The Range Microwave $0 $115
Dishwasher $33.97 $150
Washer $29.99 FREE
Dryer $82.96 $19.99

The delivery crew performs essential hookups. It does not include commercial or built-in appliances that require particular expertise or equipment to disassemble and put in the appliance. If you require installed built-in appliances, you must utilize an Appliance Installer Pro Referral Program from Home Depot.

A kit for installation must be purchased and shipped along to your appliance because it is the Home Depot delivery installation team will not connect appliances to existing pipes or cords. It is also essential to disconnect the old appliance before the delivery crew arrives, or they won’t be able to install the new appliance.

Home Depot Electric Range Installation Costs

The cost to Home Depot to install your electric range is no cost, but you’ll have to pay $32.85 to purchase the kit with an updated power cord. If you wish to have an older electric range to be removed during the installation, the cost will be an additional $30.

You need to purchase a new power cord because installers won’t be using the old cord. Also, an electric outlet with 240V must be within four feet of your new range. The installers will reject it if it is too far or not in compliance with it. Install a brand new outlet, and your installation won’t be completed.

What’s Included In Home Depot’s Appliance Installation?

The installation service offered by Home Depot entails the professional delivery of your appliance, including uncrating and a complete set-up.

Highly skilled installers can light all gas, electric or water connections for freestanding devices.

If your appliance requires more parts, contact an installation technician or talk to customer support, as the installer can supply the parts.

After the installation is completed Once the installation is complete, the Home Depot associates will ensure that your home remains in its original condition by removing any debris and packing.

What Types Of Appliances Does Home Depot Install?

Home Depot will gladly install the most significant appliances sold in its retail stores and on its website. But, customers must note the specifications each appliance must meet before installation.

In addition, you should check the metal parts of the valve for signs of corrosion because this may need to be addressed before installation.

Be sure that appliances that use water or gas should be close to natural gas or water supply with a shutoff valve.

Customers might also have to supply a gas-electric, flex, water cord or hose. Remember that installers aren’t required to work with propane gas.

Here’s a listing of the items that Home Depot will install, as well as details on what you’ll need to have:

  • Refrigerators: 11-volt, 3 prongs electrical outlet that reaches the new refrigerator’s power cord.
  • Washing Machines: A 110-volt, 3-prong power outlet.
  • Gas and Electric Dryer: Gas dryers require a 110-volt, 3-prong outline, while electric dryers work with a 240-volt, 3 or 4 prongs (supplied the voltage is correct) plug within 4 feet.
  • Over the Range Microwave: Requires the standard 11-0volt, 3-prong outlet and 30 inches of space between the bottom of the cabinet and the primary cooking area.
  • Electric and Gas Ranges: These refer to gas cookers and electric stoves or ovens. You will typically need a 110-volt with a 3-prong electrical outlet for gas ranges. Electrical ranges need a 240-volt, 4-prong power connection within 4 feet of the appliance.
  • Dishwashers: 110-volt grounded, 3 prongs electrical plug.

You should know that Home Depot can also install small-sized appliances like mini-fridges, coolers for wine and beverages, cookers, and portable washers.

In addition, Home Depot also offers installation services for commercial appliances, including commercial freezers, refrigerators, fryers, ice makers, and range hoods.

Home Depot Fridge & Freezer Installation Costs

The cost to Home Depot to install your fridge is not expensive, but you must buy an installation kit that will cost about $17.28. Independent freezers are delivered but not included in the installation package. However, hauling away your refrigerator or freezer costs $30 per appliance.

The installation kit includes the power cord, a brand new one and, in some instances, pipes that connect your refrigerator to a water valve. You cannot reuse existing power cords or piping, and without installing the kit, the delivery crew will not be able to install your refrigerator.

It is also essential to ensure that there’s a 110V electrical outlet within 4 feet of the area of your refrigerator, or else the installation won’t be completed. Installers cannot utilize extension cords or the power outlet in a different location during the installation.

Home Depot Washing Machine Installation Costs

Home Depot will install your new washer free of charge as part of the package, but you’ll need to purchase an installation kit, which is priced at approximately $29.99 and to take away your old washer would cost $30.

Check that the old washer is disconnected and unplugged since neither installation nor removal can be completed before doing this. You may need to take the washer off and unhook it, which for some might be difficult, but the installers won’t disconnect or unhook it for you.

It is essential to ensure a standard 110V 3-prong plug within 4 feet. Also, you must connect water lines in the 4th of the new installation kit to reach.

If you’re planning to stack washers and dryers, you’ll require equipment for stacking, and in certain areas, the installers won’t lift or stack the items in the dryer, so it is necessary to confirm the details with Home Depot first.

Home Depot Gas Range Installation Costs

The cost at Home Depot to install your gas stove is approximately $19.99. Additionally, you’ll require the installation kit, which is priced at $33.99. To have the old model removed will cost $30. You must get it off the hook and empty before the time when the delivery crew arrives.

An installation kit is needed because your equipment and power cord can’t be reused. Therefore, without this item, it’s impossible to complete the installation.

Your power outlet must be a 3-prong 110V power outlet located within 4 meters of the area. Installers won’t include a ne output during the installation process. Therefore the installation won’t go ahead without a compatible power outlet.

It is also essential to ensure a natural gas shutoff valve with an electrical connector just behind the area where the range will go; this could make your installation noncomplete.

The typical delivery team does not fit propane ranges, so you require professional assistance to connect it.

Home Depot Dishwasher Installation Costs

The cost at Home Depot to install a new dishwasher is $150, and you’ll have to buy an installation kit, which will cost approximately $33.97. If you want your old dishwasher to be removed, it will cost you $30.

It is essential to ensure that you have a 110V 3-prong power cord within four inches of your dishwasher. Also, ensure there’s an outlet for water and a shutoff valve behind the dishwasher or nearby sink.

The shutoff valve has to be free of corrosion and in good working order since the installers won’t make any modifications to plumbing and will not hook it to an old corrosion valve.

In certain regions, a licensed electrician or plumber is legally required to complete the installation. In those areas, the delivery crew isn’t able to connect your dishwasher, and you’ll require professional services to connect the dishwasher following the delivery.

Home Depot Gas Dryer Installation Costs

Home Depot will install your gas dryer at $19.99. Then, you’ll have to buy an installation kit for about $58.98. Like every major appliance, the cost of removing the old dryer is $30, and you must ensure that all hooks are unhooked before the delivery crew arrives.

A regular 110V 3-prong power outlet must be located less than 4 feet away from your dryer, and it’s crucial to verify, particularly if you’re changing to an electric dryer, which typically comes with a different outlet. The delivery team won’t conduct any electrical adjustments during installation.

It is essential to make sure that a natural gas shutoff valve fitted with a connector made of metal is placed directly behind where the dryer will go. Additionally, it would help if you had a brand modern gas connector, and the semi-rigid dryer duct has to be in place.

Home Depot installers can’t hook the gas dryer with a propane pipe or put the dryer in the garage.

Home Depot Electric Dryer Installation Costs

The cost of installing the Home Depot electric dryer is $19.99, and the installation kit will cost you around $82.96. If you want your old dryer taken away, you’ll have to pay $30. This amount is in addition to the cost of removal for any other washers you’re removing.

Electric dryers require the 240V 3 or 4- prong power outlet within the 4 meters of the dryer, and no electrical installation or modification is required to the installers.

A semi-rigid dryer pipe must be in place before installation as the delivery crew does not install it, and no further dryer ducts will be supplied.

If you’re planning to stack the dryer over a washer, make sure you have the stacking kit and confirm at Home Depot whether the delivery staff can accomplish stacking or if you’ll need to be able to lift the dryer.

Home Depot Microwave Installation Costs

Home Depot will install over-the-range microwaves at $115. There is no installation kit needed. You’ll have to pay the delivery charge if your microwave is less than $369. If you’re taking away an old microwave and want to dispose of it, you’ll have to pay $30 to dispose of it.

Standard microwaves do not require professional installation. They will be provided in a container for you to open, set up in the socket, and then connect yourself.

It is essential to ensure that you have the three-prong power cord at 110V sufficient that the microwave can reach. The installers won’t install the new outlet or alter the existing outlets.

You should ensure an area of 30 inches between the cabinet’s bottom and the microwave’s cooking surface.

Additionally, you’ll need an inside charcoal filter venting to ensure that the ducting is installed and compatible with the microwave. If the ducting isn’t installed, the installation won’t be able to proceed because the installers aren’t able to add or modify the ducting.

It is your responsibility to uninstall the old microwave. Failure to do this will cause the installation to stop proceeding.

Home Depot Contact Details

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Does Home Depot Remove Old Appliances?

Home Depot can remove and take away the old appliances as well. But, it will only take out built-in appliances, such as cookers, when they have been disconnected.

If you decide to go with the removal service, you might have an additional charge of $25 for all large appliances (the removal cost may differ somewhat based on the type of appliance).

How Do You Get Home Depot To Install Appliances?

Customers can purchase the appliance installation service at the point of purchase.

Customers shopping online will receive a warranty, installation and haul away service when the appliance is added to their shopping cart.

After you’ve chosen the services you want to avail, you’ll be able to see them as separate items in your shopping cart when you pay.

Who Installs Appliances For Home Depot?

Independently licensed third-party contractors and independent plumbers perform all plumbing, installation, removal and electrical work on Home Depot’s behalf as required.

Contracting companies can differ according to location. If you’d like to learn more about the services offered by those in your area, contact Home Depot.

What Should You Do Before Home Depot Appliance Installers Arrive?

On, You can access an online delivery checklist outlining the steps customers must perform before making the delivery.

This includes checking the specifications of the appliances to ensure that they fit in the designated space.

Measuring hallways or corridors leading to the desired location is recommended to ensure that the appliance will be placed there. It is important to note that only a person 18 years old or over can take the delivery.

When ready to install, ensure that the area is free of obstacles such as furniture, pet items and carpets.

Also, try to remove any ice or snow off the path leading to your home to make it easy to carry.

Once you are aware of Home Depot’s installation services, you might be interested in finding out whether Home Depot delivers appliances, if Home Depot purchases used appliances and if Home Depot has old appliances.

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