Installation Cost Of Lowes Water Heater

Lowes Water Heater Installation Cost – Are you interested in knowing the cost of lowes water heater installation? Do not worry; you’ve come to the right spot. Water heaters age with time and can become unsafe to use. If the Lowe’s water heater shows signs of wear and tear, it’s more beneficial to replace it.

The price for the Lowe’s water heater is $300. It is on top of the estimated $30 price that is expected to be payable. It will help if you put some cash aside for any additional pipes they might require.

Lowe’s will guarantee that your water heater is designed to satisfy customers, whether electrical, gas or tankless, by utilizing competent, unaffiliated workers within the area.

According to the company, they cover all work with a one-year guarantee on labor. This is only an overview of the situation, and you’ll need to read for more information.

Installation Cost Of Lowes Water Heater

The customer will be charged $300 for the initial installation fee when you call Lowe’s to set up a hot-water system you bought through the firm.

The workers must first inspect the home to evaluate the property’s condition and decide where to put the unit safely. Lowe’s will also charge $30 to assess the cost.

Customers will pay an additional shipping fee of $65 if you decide to have Lowe’s provide the hot water system to your home.

Remember that a heater of this type will require additional plumbing for the final installation. You will need to set aside a few dollars to cover this.

Estimated Time Of Water Heater Installation

If there are no unanticipated problems, a certified plumber will install the tank and operate it within two to four hours. Here is a brief description of the most basic procedure for installation Remove and run the water heater for 30 to 50 minutes.

Why Select Lowes Water Heater Installation?

Water heaters aren’t the same as refrigerators that you plug in and run independently. There are a few points to consider when allowing Lowe’s employees to set up the heater.

Below are some reasons to opt for Lowe’s for their water heaters installation, and you’ll discover how much it will cost to install a water heater from Lowes.

Expert to install every type of heater

Many independent contractors can assist you with installing any water heater within your home. Water heaters are available in various dimensions and shapes.

Some come with standard water tanks, while others do not. In certain areas, Lowe’s sells and installs portable water heaters.

Electric water heaters, gasoline water heaters, and portable gas heaters are readily available. You’ll require specific components for each tank or heater you plan to install.

Professional installers can help. They’ll ensure that the installation is completed at the right time and that the heater is operating correctly.

Professional plumbers

A licensed plumber can only complete an expert water heater installation and should have lots of experience.

Lowe’s employs professional contractors to install heating systems the customers purchase in their stores. If you contact them about upgrading, they may offer different models of water heaters.

Lowe’s will investigate the background of any individuals installing the system before selecting them.

Lowe’s will then ensure that customers are covered. A one-year labor warranty covers most water heaters installed at Lowe’s.

Cost of installation

Don’t be concerned about the cost of installing a water heater. Portable propane and water heaters are far cheaper to install than you imagine.

This could be the case with conventional water heaters too. Utilizing the services of a reliable company will certainly, raise the price of installing a water heater.

Should you employ a professional to set up the heater? For most communities across the US, installing a water heater requires an experienced professional plumber.

How To Contact Lowes For Lowes Water Heater Installation?

Suppose you’re interested in having a Lowe’s water heater to be installed by following these steps to install one inside your home. Then, you can get an excellent installation service.

Call Lowes

The Lowe’s website can be located here. It’ll seek information on the requirements from you. There appears to be an online application on this page that you need to complete.

Lowe’s also wants to assist customers in an emergency. We can be reached at 1-877-GO-LOWES to get immediate assistance.

Lowe’s will call you for a follow-up. Experts will need more details information about the requirements of the water heater to give you an accurate cost for repairs and installation.

Sign an agreement

It is possible to have Lowe’s inspect your home before providing you with an estimate if you’d like. There is a $30 for inspection fee to do this.

Some companies may require you to agree to an agreement following obtaining the location or inspecting and agreeing to their estimation. They may also ask for the payment of a deposit.

The installation process starts

They’ll determine a time and date to set up. A qualified technician would carry and manage the water heater on the day of.

After they’ve set up the water heater, they’ll take away the existing ones. It’s best also to know how to repair the heater in your car.

Water Heater Installation Charges of Other Companies?

You may also select an installer other than Lowe’s to set up your new water heater. If you search in the local area, there is a possibility of finding a qualified plumber to complete the task. Make sure the plumber is knowledgeable about water heaters:

Neighborhood Plumber

The Cost they could charge you for the installation will probably be $250. Looking around for plumbing companies that are experts in this task is recommended. It is possible to save between $100 and $150 when you do this.

Home Depot

You can also contact the staff in Home Depot to do the task. They also have tanks, water heaters and tankless models that are modern. They offer gas and electric water heaters. Based on the kind of water heater you choose, the installation price at Home Depot can range from $1,000 to $3,000.

If you are planning to replace your water heater, this is the most likely water heater replacement cost and installation cost from Home Depot:

  • National Average – $933
  • Minimum Cost – $400
  • Maximum Cost – $5,000
  • Average Cost Range – $650 to $1,611

For a 40-50 gallon tank, installation price can vary between $400 and $900. A tankless heater with the same capacity price range can be as high as $1.470 or $2.510. Additionally, many plumbers will charge between $250 and $500 to take away your old model of water heater to dispose of legally.

For a conventional centralized water heater installation price is about $650. If you want a tankless centrally-located water heater, it’s approximately $1,950. Centralized water heaters mean that they will provide heated water to all of the homes.

The type of water heater you choose can affect your initial price, which may appear expensive if it’s tankless or low if the model is the conventional type. However, over 5 years, the expense will decrease. You’ll likely be paying approximately the same amount in five years.

Water Heater Installation Costs at Different Locations?

The Cost of water heaters’ installation is a significant factor that influences the decisions of most homeowners. But, there are other aspects that homeowners need be aware of before making the final purchase decision.

Other factors to consider comprise the number of people who will utilize the water heater and the operating expenses, and also the remodeling of the house for the installation of the heater. The Cost of taking away or disposing of the old heater influences the choice.

In that regard, the average Cost of the project will around be:

  • $650 for a 40 to 50-gallon tank standard water heater fully installed.
  • $1,950 for the same tank capacity tankless water heater fully installed.

The above figures represent typical costs. Below is a table that illustrates the Cost of installing water heaters across the United States.

State or City Average Cost Range
Atlanta $775 – $1,350
Austin $850 – $1,650
Chicago $750 – $1,250
Dallas $950 – $1,675
Denver $985 – $1,900
Houston $950 – $1,600
Los Angeles $950 – $1,750
Massachusetts $940 – $1,700
Minneapolis $715 – $1,300
New Jersey $975 – $1,500
San Diego $935 – $1,600
San Francisco $1,050 – $1,850
Seattle $1,050 – $1,700


We are thrilled that you’ve found out how much Lowe’s charges for the cost of installing a water heater. Lowe’s will charge $300 for a typical water heater installation.

The additional cost is usually added on top of the standard installation price. In the majority of cases, additional plumbing is required for the finalization of the installation.

It is recommended that users save money for this expense in addition. It is recommended to look up related articles to learn why my car heater isn’t working and what you can do to have your car heaters warm faster. We thank you, dear readers, for being with us.

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