Lowes Vs Home Depot Toilet Installation Guide

Lowes Vs Home Depot Toilet Installation – Selecting a toilet is as simple as understanding the features you require and would like to have.

After reviewing the product description, the next step is to consider the alternatives for installation.

If you’re looking at toilets at Lowes and Home Depot, here is an article about Lowes compared to Home Depot toilet installation.

Professional and licensed installers do lower toilet installations. They can provide services to upgrade or remodel your toilet and remodeling. In contrast, when you have their Home Depot toilet installation, you can do it yourself using the appropriate equipment and methods.

If you’re not sure, however, you’re not sure, there’s the option to engage professionals representing the business.

You can avail of their assistance even for minor issues with your toilet. For more information on the installation process of these two brands of toilets, take a look!

Lowes Vs Home Depot Toilet Installation

Lowes Vs Home Depot Toilet Installation

Here are some points to take into consideration when you are considering toilet installation.

The Installer

Lowes has plumbers who are exclusive and work for them across different states. Home Depot toilet installation is performed by contractors who are in your region.


The brands of toilets can offer toilet installation, fixing, fitting fixtures, and other accessories. With Lowes, you can reserve only for the job you want to be completed. However, when you book with Home Depot, you must talk to the plumber on the contract before identifying issues.

Cost of Installation

The lowest price Lowes will be charged is $80 for the installation of essential quality. This is much less than the starting price of $269 that Home Depot charges. But, you’ll receive 20% off by taking advantage of the service offered by Home Depot. Services.

The cost for Lowes Toilet installation will be $530, whereas Home Depot is $370. All will depend on the services that you require aside from installation.


Only Lowes provides a one-year labor warranty for toilet installation and other related services.


Things to be aware of when comparing Lowes and Home Depot toilet installation are the installation, the available services and costs of installation, and the warranty. Costs can increase due to the need for other installations and repairs. It is possible to discuss the aspects discussed before making a decision on which firm to select.

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