Petco Grooming Cost – Updated 2023

Petco Grooming Cost – One of the most storied pet stores in the United States is PetCo, which offers various services and items that competitors have added, such as PetSmart grooming and adoption of pets.

PetCo was the first to offer this service and remained one of the major companies providing top high-quality Pet Services.

Below are the latest Petco grooming prices in 2023.

How Much Does Petco Grooming Cost?

Petco Grooming Cost
Bath Service for Dogs starting at $25
Bath Service for Cats starting at $40
Full Grooming Service/ Dogs starting at $45
Full Grooming Service/ Cats starting at $55
Basic Upgrades
Nail Buffing $10
Face, Feet and Fanny Trim $10
Teeth Brushing $12
Extra Brushing (15 minutes) $15
Nail Polish $7
Paw Balm $5
Blueberry Facial $5
Spa Package Upgrades
Flea Cleanse $23
Essentials PLUS $23
Calm and Refresh $26
Hydrate and Restore $26
Shed Release starting at $20
Shed Release PLUS starting at $30
Walk-In Services
Mini Make-Rover $25
Nail Trim $10
Nail Trim and Buffing $15
Face, Feet and Fanny Trim $15
Teeth Brushing $12
Gland Expression $10
Ear Cleaning $10
Express Service $12

Remember that the cost of full-service grooming packages will always be based on the animal’s size, weight, and length of fur or hair. It takes work to determine what the grooming session will cost you.

The costs can vary greatly between the tiniest and most imposing breeds. Therefore, contacting the closest Petco is recommended to get an estimate.

In addition, you can avail of the no-cost consultation that is available before the appointment for your pet.

Analyzing the Petco Grooming Cost — Are the Prices Too Steep or Not?

Most of the time, the prices for grooming services within the pet care industry are alike. However, to better understand the average or high Petco grooming prices, you should compare them with the cost of grooming in general. Here’s a quick overview of the price differences:

Service Average Price Petco Price
Dog Grooming $40–$75 starting at $45
Teeth Brushing $10 $12
Face, Feet and Fanny Trim $15 $10–$15
Paw Balm $5 $5
Nail Trim $10 $10
Nail Trim and Buffing $15 $15
Nail Polish $7 $7
Blueberry Facial $5 $5
Ear Cleaning $10 $10
Gland Expression $10 $10

Petco does not go against the trend. It is instead trying to keep costs low or, at the very least comparable to those of the typical.

The only thing that differs is the full-service grooming service for dogs, although it’s still within the same price range.

But, it will be contingent on breeds, length of hair, and length of hair. More is needed to be relied upon.

Petco Grooming Cost and PetSmart Prices Comparison

It is a direct competitor to Petco; PetSmart is often seen as being a bit behind Petco and is trying to beat its pricing, services many other services.

It is not surprising, however, that PetSmart is keeping track of recent trends in the industry of pets and is keeping prices as low as possible.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the kinds of services that most pet owners will choose at both Petco as well as the PetSmart store:

Service PetSmart Grooming Prices Petco Grooming Cost
Bath and Brush for Dogs starting at $19 starting at $25
Bath and Brush for Cats starting at $34 starting at $40
Full Grooming for Dogs starting at $31 starting at $45
Full Grooming for Cats starting at $68 starting at $55
Nail Trim $10 $10
Gland Expression $12 $10
Teeth Brushing $11 $12
Ear Cleaning starting at $9 $10

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Final Thoughts

What is the price Petco grooming costs, and is it more expensive than other groomers will charge you?

Compared to the typical costs and even the main rival, Petco combines value with affordable prices and stays within the prices that most stores employ.

This makes it an excellent choice for pet owners throughout the US, particularly those who aren’t happy with the lack of options for spas at PetSmart.

At Petco, it is possible to aid your pet relax and keep their gorgeous coat in great condition.

FAQs – Petco Grooming Costs

What Are Petco’s Grooming Prices In 2023?

Petco’s grooming prices begin at $50 for cat grooming and $45 for dogs as of 2023. A cat bath will cost $40 and goes up to 25 dollars for canines.

The full grooming package includes manicures, baths, fragrance spritzes, and haircuts. You can receive a free grooming session when you join The Petco Rewards Program.

Which Animals Does Petco Groom?

Petco offers grooming services only for cats and dogs. You can purchase grooming tips and products for all other animals to do the job yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Groom a Cat at Petco?

A complete grooming package for your cat at Petco starts at $55. Getting just a bath will start at $40.

A grooming session for cats is available at Petco and generally costs more than for dogs because most groomers don’t have many years of experience dealing with them.

Most pet owners don’t even take their pets for grooming with professionals, so the price is high for specialized groomers.

How Long Does Grooming Take at Petco?

The amount of time is contingent on the option you choose, the size of the pet, and the condition in which it’s.

For instance, if you’re just getting the nails of a small dog trimmed, then you can be done within 5 minutes. However, you’ll need to wait several hours to get complete treatment for the large breed.

Your dog’s grooming at Petco will take between 3-4 hours for full service. However, you can opt to pay to get Express Service, where it’s completed quicker.

Add Express Service to any haircut or bath with full service for an additional $15.

What Products Does Petco Use for Grooming?

Petco’s online grooming guides provide information about the products and tools used.

Petco uses a pet shampoo and conditioner and face wash with waterless pet shampoo scent spritz and wipes to wash and clean.

To brush fur, Petco uses slicker brushes desatting combs, dematting combs, and tools to de-shed.

To trim fur grooming, scissors or shears are employed and based on the coat’s thickness, thinner shears, thin shears and clippers are used.

To care for paws and nails, such as nail clippers and paw balms are employed. Petco uses ear washes, wipes, pet toothbrushes, and toothpaste for oral and ear care.

If you’re interested in learning which brands are the items mentioned on this page, this hyperlink at the top will give you an inventory of the Petco recommended grooming equipment.

What Are Grooming Services Available at Petco?

The grooming services offered by Petco include nail trimming, baths and haircuts.

The company offers breed-specific haircuts that combine cuts and styles, deep cleaning using shampoo, blowdry for 15 minutes, a quick brush out, scent spritz gland expression, and trimming the nails.

How Much Training Do Petco Groomers Receive?

Petco’s groomers must complete the training program, which lasts for 20 weeks and an average of 800 hours, before receiving their certification.

If you’re trying to find out more, look through our blog posts regarding the Petco return policy for dog foods, the Petco hamster return policy, and when Petco will replenish its stock.

What is the price for a dog bath or bath with haircut?

Call your nearest Petco grooming salon before your visit to obtain an estimate of the cost. Based on the grooming services you can talk about the details on the telephone or in person when you meet with your stylists prior to the beginning of your pet’s grooming.

Do you kennel dry dogs?

We provide a variety of methods for drying designed to make sure the safety and security of each pet. The methods include dry air drying towels, hand-held dryers that are not heated, and dryers for kennels. For breeds of brachycephalic susceptible to respiratory problems, We do not permit using dryers for kennels.

How do I get my pet started with a grooming service?

We provide online booking through and the Petco app for dogs. For cats, you can call your salon to inquire whether a cat stylist is available. If you wish to speak with a stylist regarding your pet’s specific requirements, contact the salon in your area.

How much training do Petco groomers receive?

Petco pet groomers have been certified to the highest standards. To earn their certification, they must pass 800 hours, which lasts for 20 weeks. Check out the Petco grooming Certification Procedure to thoroughly describe the certification process.

How is safety ensured for all dog grooming services?

We’re committed to ensuring the highest standards in animal care and security in the field, as created under our Director of Veterinary Medicine, with counsel from various independent experts in animal treatment, behavior and ethics.

There are a few ways to assure your pet’s safety at the salon for grooming is through:

  • A thorough 7-Point Pet Care Check on each pet when they check in to make sure that nothing looks or feels unusual
  • Utilizing ramps or steps for elderly dogs to enter the tubs or bathe big pets on floors
  • Affording industry-standard safe, comfortable and comfortable Kennels
  • Utilizing the groomer’s Helper tool, which is designed to aid in maintaining the safety of your dog’s body as well as its head while they’re on the grooming table

How long does a dog grooming service take?

The length of a grooming appointment is contingent upon your pet’s size and the nature of the service you require. The stylist will estimate the time to finalize at check-in or by phone.

Minor procedures, such as trimming nails, typically take 5 minutes. Depending on the availability of salons, appointments are optional. We recommend calling the salon in your area to confirm their availability.

For an efficient grooming experience, the Express Service can be added to any haircut or bath at the additional cost of $15. For breeds that are brachycephalic such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers, we provide an Express Service (VIP) for your pet’s protection. Contact your stylist for more information as well as availability.”

How are your care and safety policies developed?

With more than 25 years of experience in grooming, We regularly evaluate and review our grooming policies, procedures, standards and procedures under the direction of our director of Veterinary Medicine, with counsel from various independent experts on animal treatment, behavior, and ethics.

From 2015 onward, we’ve collaborated with our colleagues from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) and the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) to help promote and advocate for the national standards of safety and health in the industry of grooming.

These standards are essential for the health of animals worldwide, and we continue to collaborate with other leaders in the pet industry to promote adoption across the industry and compliance with them.


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