Home Depot Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost Guide

Home Depot Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost – Cost is important when deciding the best way to make your flooring more modern. Knowing the costs involved in installing vinyl flooring, whether vinyl sheet or plank, is crucial for most homeowners. The average cost for installation is between $2-$6/sq.ft. This guide will help you learn more about the best way to set your budget and purchase the flooring you’ve always wanted for your house.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl planks come in different thicknesses, with thicker planks costing more; however, they are easier to install.

Planks of vinyl flooring are made to snap together, which means it does not require putting down with nails or glue.

The thinner planks are harder to join and set up, which could substantially increase the cost of labor.

Vinyl planks are water-proof and require minimal maintenance, and are a great option to replace hardwood floors because they’re made with a natural wood grain. They also can be used as a floating floor on top of a concrete subfloor.

Vinyl planks with a premium look are a more durable flooring option. They are incredibly thick and feature a solid, long-lasting, durable top layer.

Premium vinyl planks, like hardwood flooring, feature real wood grains and look natural. They also click lock together and are suitable for use over all subfloors.

Home Depot Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost Guide

Where Can I Use Vinyl Flooring?

These are only a few examples of ways you can use vinyl flooring to decorate your home. Regardless of whether you select vinyl plank or sheet, vinyl flooring is to be used in various places. Here at The Home Depot, we can assist you with flooring made of vinyl anywhere in your home.

Kitchen Vinyl is durable and waterproof. It is an ideal option for your kitchen. It can also mimic the look and feel of natural hardwood without the cost and hassle of maintaining it.
Bathroom Waterproof vinyl is an excellent choice for bathrooms that have bathtubs and showers. It is also a great option to cover the flooring you have to allow you to create an inexpensive, quick and cost-effective change in the guest or powder room bathroom.
Family Room Family spaces require durable flooring. Vinyl is a highly durable flooring that can withstand daily use by children, parents, and even pets.
Living Room While tile and wood might dominate the living space Vinyl is a more cost-effective option that looks stunning. It’s beautiful in living spaces with less formal decor where you host friends and have time with your loved ones.
Bedroom From the guest space to the master, Vinyl is becoming an all-time favorite in bedrooms. Vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood is hugely sought-after.
Hallway As with family rooms, hallways may be prone to wear and tear. Vinyl planks and sheet flooring mimic natural wood or other types of flooring without expense and maintenance.
Home Office The stylish and rugged look of vinyl planks and vinyl sheet flooring blend elegantly in an office space at home while also aiding in reducing costs.

What You Should Know Before Vinyl Flooring Installation?

Vinyl flooring can enhance the appearance of your house strikingly. It’s also an affordable alternative for affordable and durable products. If you’re considering the right vinyl floor for your home, you must take into consideration many things to consider:

  • Where are you planning to install vinyl flooring in your home? Your installation location will impact your budget and the style you select. You will also require to look for the most durable choices in high-traffic areas.
  • Why do you want to install new flooring? Are you looking for a new design, or are you replacing existing vinyl flooring?
  • Take note of your goals. Are you shopping for extra-durable flooring that will last for years? Is easy-to-clean flooring necessary for a high-traffic space? Narrow down your goals before you start shopping.
  • What kind of shape is your floor in? A floor that requires to be levelled needs more work and price than a flat floor.
  • Can you do the work independently, or do you want to hire professionals? Installation costs are higher than the pros, but this is always the best choice if you are not familiar with flooring installation and vinyl flooring materials.

Vinyl Plank Installation Cost

Materials: $2-3 PER SQ. FT.
Labor: $2-3 PER SQ. FT.
Underlayment: Commonly Attached

  • Value vinyl plank flooring sometimes known as luxury vinyl plank or luxurious vinyl tiles, provides exquisite design and a great price.
  • Durable – Ideal for areas of high traffic, such as those that have pets or children.
  • waterproof– An ideal choice for kitchens and traditional spaces such as bathrooms.

Vinyl Sheet Installation Cost

Materials: $1-$2 PER SQ. FT.
Labor: $1-$2 PER SQ. FT.

  • Value – A vinyl flooring sheet is an excellent choice if you want to keep your vinyl flooring installation costs to a minimum.
  • Waterproof – Similar to vinyl plank flooring sheet helps keep water out of the floor beneath it. It is a fantastic option for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas.
  • Durable – Vinyl flooring sheets are highly durable. It’s an excellent choice for spaces with lots of foot traffic daily.

What are the Factors Affecting the Home Depot Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost?

Vinyl flooring material and labour expenses comprise the bulk of your cost for installation. Other factors can impact your overall price, however. Here are some to think about in planning the upgrade

Removal of furniture: 

The installation of flooring made from vinyl needs a clean and clear area for the installation to begin. A furniture removal is often required before installation can be completed. If you can do this by yourself when you can, it will reduce costs.

Removal of flooring:

Sometimes, vinyl flooring is placed over existing flooring. In other instances, you’ll have to remove the old flooring before work can begin. This should be reserved for professionals unless you’ve had experience.

Sanding and leveling your floor: 

Your floor needs to be level and flat to ensure the most effective results when installing vinyl flooring. If your room requires it, our installers can handle the sanding, leveling and sanding at an additional charge.

Room size: 

Room size is an essential factor in the total price of Vinyl flooring installation. Larger rooms will require more material and more time to finish.

Vinyl thickness: 

The flooring made of thicker vinyl will wear more quickly as time passes. The higher upfront costs are usually connected with thick vinyl flooring. However, the price variation is generally minimal.

Installation pattern: 

The cost of pattern work is higher than single-style installations. Costs for labor may be affected according to how the installers lay the flooring. However, the costs of materials generally are about similar on average.

Molding, trim and transitions: 

The hours you spend working with trim, molding and changes are not as cost-effective from a labor perspective since they require greater concentration on the details. Rooms with simple installation and no moldings are more affordable but might not give you the style you want.


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