What are the Features That May Affect Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost

Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost – Here in this post you will learn about Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost 2023 and home depot carpet installation cost per square foot. Let’s go for it.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Carpet?

The overall cost to replace the carpet in your home depends on the cost of three essential parts: Carpet type, installation, and padding.

Types of Carpet

The kind of carpet you pick is the most significant factor in the overall price. Here’s a list of Home Depot’s primary carpets, including where they’re most commonly utilized and how each is priced.


Pattern carpet is visually appealing, with various options for visuals that go beyond the color. Through a variety of textures and styles, patterns are the most distinctive type of carpet.


Made of soft, twisted fibres, twist carpet gives a surprisingly casual appearance. Sometimes referred to as frieze, this tough carpet is perfect for concealing vacuum lines and footprints and is generally the most affordable.

Loop (Berber) Carpet

Also known as loop carpet, it’s well-liked in gyms and workplaces because it’s solid and effective in obscuring footprints, dirt, and vacuum marks. Its fibers are looped onto the backing, which increases the ability to resist wear. The process of making loop carpet does lessen the overall softness, however. Loop carpet is more expensive than twist and texture carpet.

How much home depot carpet installation cost per square foot?

Carpet $1 – $4 Depending on style and construction
Padding $0.61 Depending on thickness and density
Installation Free Free at The Home Depot

What are the Features That May Affect Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost?

Modern carpets are equipped with features that help to keep them in good condition by preventing wear, stains and moisture. Although these features can prolong the lifespan of your carpet, however, they can also add to the total cost. Some of the most notable features are:

Stain resistance:

A blend of triexta and polyester fibers are used, so the carpet resists permanent stains and spills.

Moisture resistance:

Olefin fibers fight against the development of mildew and mold, making this feature perfect for areas with high moisture levels in your home.

Wear resistance:

A blend of triexta and nylon fibers that fight against the effects of foot traffic, such as crushing and matting. This blend also extends the carpet’s lifespan and enhances its overall appearance.

Fiber choice:

The cost of carpets rises based on the type of fiber. Olefin and polyester are excellent for budget-conscious buyers, wool provides a more luxurious look, and triexta is the most luxurious fiber.

Why Choose The Home Depot?

Alongside competitive prices in addition to free delivery and no-cost installation, we’re honest regarding our products. Carpets’ fiber types are clearly outlined to know what you’re installing into your home.

Our carpet installers undergo extensive security checks and are checked and certified, so you can feel confident that they will install your carpet flawlessly.

Lifetime Install Warranty 

In addition to the transparent cost of carpet installation, The Home Depot offers lifetime installation warranties for wear and stain, and you will only pay for the services you require.

Removal, furniture moving and disposal are charged separately, and we can tailor your installation to your budget and needs. To help homeowners finance their home renovation projects, The Home Depot offers financing options, including credit cards for loan projects.